Andre 3000 Releases Hand-Drawn Merchandise After Being Forced To File Trademark

Legendary musician André 3000 took to instagram Tuesday to announce the release of a hand-drawn capsule collection. 3 Stacks released the sketch of an ant reading a book with the caption reading “This is a sketch I did a while ago and I am told I have to use it now in the market place or it stops being mine,” he explained. “So I’ve made a few things with it. All the shirts are ethically-produced/made from recycled materials. Hope you enjoy. – 3.”

Leading fans to the website where they can purchase the merchandise that includes a hoodie for $150 and a 4×6 poster of the drawing, 3 Stacks also offers a more in-depth explanation of the situation “Sooo … I have this trademark thing that I need to solve for,” Dre wrote. “According to the trademark people, in order to retain control of your trademarks, you have to actively use them. The trademark office also have deadlines and lots of rules to defend your IP (intellectual property). So here are a few things that I hope you enjoy and the good people at the trademark office will enjoy.” Head here to cop the merchandise now.