It is no secret that designer Raf Simons is one of the lead designers in todays fashion culture and has been a mainstay for the better part of two decades. Terrence Allen member of Random Object Gallery, a 26 year old from Richmond, Va recently launched an article/site commemorating Raf Simons paying homage to some of the designers most iconic pieces from various collections that Terrence personally owns along with providing the reader with some insight to Raf’s history.


With comments like,

“It is Fascinating to see older Raf shows. All Raf are different and bring different ideas and concepts”

“I see Raf Simons as a clothing brand that is what it is. But Raf shows in his work the connection between art and fashion”

It is obviously no doubting that Terrence is sharp on his Raf history all photos were shot by Chris Shitty check out the entire write up here.


When it comes to being involved in the fashion culture there aren’t many notable names more important than Aleali May. You name it and Aleali probably has done it including everything from styling, modeling, being involved in panel talks with some of the biggest names in fashion and now working with Jordan Brand to release her first Jordan.


At just 25 years old Aleali is only the second woman to venture into a collaborative effort with Jordan and release a shoe. In an interview she stated “We had to get the approval from Michael Jordan. I mean, first of all when they told me, I said, ‘I won’t be able to sleep tonight,’”. “That’s the part that I love about it, he’s [Jordan] hands on with it. I already loved the brand as a kid and just hearing something like that is exactly why.” The shoe is a classic Jordan 1 with a satin toe box, corduroy upper and chenille swoosh. Her pop up was a huge success last night at Undefeated where Aleali paid homage to her roots and simply just cool west coast 90’s styled merchandise such as Jordan tees commemorating the event, Vinyl records from the likes of Snoop Dog, Dr.Dre and Tupac to name a few along with their Vintage Tee’s. As if that wasn’t enough to add even more of a west coast vibe the infamous Roscoe Chicken & Waffles was in the building serving friend chicken and cornbread. Check out more photos below.






photography: Orlando Boyd

Last weekend we had the chance to go down to Virginia Beach and check out Sole Food Kicks “3 Peat” event. Commemorating their 3 year anniversary at the store location where they pride themselves on selling both brand new and gently worn shoes along with featuring racks where you can find highly sought after Supreme and Bape items.DSC_0004

Thats some of the things you could find at Sole Food Kicks on the daily however for this special event they pulled out all the stops having a food truck in Chef Skips serving delectable dinner options like shrimp and fries, fish sandwiches and plenty more.


Spreading the love to other local shops and brands Sole Food Kicks also invited Rotate757, Hall Of Fame VA, Out Of The Box, Kvpitol Art, Sole Assembly, Classics VA, Rich Royal Cloth Culture and EDL to participate as vendors with coverage coming for ourselves and a live podcast courtesy of LiveFromThe75Podcast .




photography/videography : Justin Sherman

In Episode 02 of our podcast we catch up with creative collective Random Object Gallery as they dig deep into how they feel about the local government, Nike SB’s, Trump Administration, Norfolk being “The Stage” along with how they aren’t big fans of social media and why. After listening to this podcast the listener is sure to have a greater respect for Random Object Gallery as a team that can be very impactful in culture going forward.

Tremaine Emory better known by his social media handle “Denim Tears” is no stranger to the who’s who in the music/fashion world. Tremaine is the sole owner of his label denim tears, co-owner of multipurpose group No Vacancy Inn with long time friend and DJ Acyde and Regularly spotted with the likes of ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, Kanye West and Heron Preston just to name a few. Today however SHOWstudio released a 8minute visual clip where Tremaine shares his thoughts on friend Virgil Abloh’s OFF White/Nike collaboration. On the surface one would think “ok this is just another sneaker review”, Tremaine however decides to dig a bit deeper in elaborating on why he likes the specific details of the shoe, How in depth Virgil went into designing the shoe and the “Mom Smiles” comment Virgil wrote on his own personal shoe and what it means.


Ask any fan of sneakers and they will undoubtedly tell you Air Maxes are a mainstay in most sneaker rotations and are by far one of the most popular sneakers ever. It is also no secret that Grime Music stars in the UK are known to sport them with their common style of tracksuits and other athletic wear. Today when arguably the biggest rapper from the UK, Skepta announced his collaboration with Nike on an Air Max it came as somewhat no surprise because the idea just simply “makes sense”. For the silhouettes 20th Anniversary Skepta pulled inspiration from his childhood growing up in London, Morocco stating “When designing the Air Max 97 Sk, we took the color palette of Morocco into consideration, but also the palette of the 1999 Air Tuned Max. That was the first shoe I ever saved up money to buy, so I wanted to bring its magic to the 97 the magic that made me first love Air Max when I saw it as a child.” This shoe will be releasing September 2nd on

Screen Shot 2017-08-22 at 9.44.56 AM.png

Notable media company i-D Magazine released a 14minutes short today highlighting the Post-Soviet generation of fashion in Russia. At the forefront of that fashion scene is non other than powerhouse streetwear brand Gosha Rubchinskiy. Gosha is a brand of many facets being known for the astounding collaborations with athletic brands Kappa and Adidas while also being the “big brother” of younger skate brands such as Kush-Fag and Paccbet. In this short documentary i-D covers numerous topics in discussion with the Russian youth, owners of Kush-Fag and Paccbet along with talking to the man himself Gosha Rubchinskiy. Check it out below.

Supreme has always been the brand of discussion in the streetwear scene. From ridiculous lengthy lines, to campers sleeping out on streets, to chaos during the date of their releases; Supreme has developed quite a fan base over the years through their products. However, James Jebbia and Louis Vuitton have finally dropped their greatly anticipated collaboration together. Eyes and ears began to take notice when G.O.O.D Music artist, Travis Scott started wearing pieces from the collaboration. Ranging from the Supreme and Louis Vuitton Scarf to the original Supreme and Louis Vuitton box logo.Supreme has a history of chaotic releases due to the great demand of the product they release. To avoid things of that nature (in the states), pop-up locations were recently reported to be in Beijing, Tokyo, Sydney and London. Since pop up locations are not in the US as of now, resellers and collectors will be paying thousands on top of thousands for many of the items in the collaboration. Items array from denim jackets, coats, tees, and hoodies as well as accessories from leather goods to duffels and backpacks.

By: Kalin Wiggins



In Episode 15 Regvs breaks down the unique shirt he designed where he placed numerous hidden messages in plain sight within. Highlighting the incarceration of African American males, the “expiration” date that is systematically placed on African American males and much more seems very fitting in today’s society as we see more police brutality and injustice going on daily Regvs speaks out through this shirt. Check out Episode 15 below.



It seems like everyday Lavar Ball father of the dynamic basketball brothers Melo, Gelo and Lonzo is being either ridiculed by the media or praised for his comedic and outlandish acts. With NBA draft right around the corner and talks of where Lonzo will be drafted, Gelo about to start his Freshman year at UCLA, Melo continuing his dominance of the high school ranks and Lavar Ball remaining in the media whether it be for saying he could beat Michael Jordan 1 on 1 back in his day or for his $495 dollar ‘C02’ sneaker it was only right that The Ball Family caught up with Complex Magazine to do some sneaker shopping at nearby Flight Club LA.