In Episode 010 of our podcast we are joined by Virginia Beach native and stylist Shani.  Throughout this podcast Shani touches on being the premiere stylist in the local Hampton Roads area, the balance of utilizing self taught styling skills and school learned styling techniques, how she got her first brand styling opportunity with Almght and much more. Listen here.

In Episode 003 of ThePerfectPlay podcast we caught up with 23 year old model Marychris to discuss the highs and lows of her journey being a model, What it was like coming to America at the age of 7, How spontaneously her photoshoot at New York Sunshine’s art installation during Art Basel happened, How she plans to shed light on the filipino culture and be a role model to those coming after her and much much more. Check Episode 003 out here now.

Recently we had the opportunity to do a photo shoot for clothing brand Sky Welkin where photographer Willthashooter captured musician Mackderico sporting two of the brands latest pieces. We also had a chance to speak with Sky Welkin representative Zeke as he discussed some of the garment designs, why people should support Sky Welkin and some of their future plans.

MackxSkywelkin edited

TPP: how has the reception been thus far in 2018 for sky welkin ?

SW: 2018 has been all love thus far. With this being our 3rd active year as a brand, we still feel as though we have to prove ourselves as a solid/serious brand, and we strive to accomplish that task by remaining humble and staying true to the ethic thats gotten us this far. I personally make it a point to thank any and everybody that supports us from liking a picture to copping gear/art, or even telling a friend about us. Overall, our slogan “Build As You Grow” is really a lifestyle itself that like minded individuals that are striving for something can relate to, so we just have to spread that like a gospel. We hear everyday about people who may have never linked up on their own, may see somebody in one of our shirts and can automatically feel comfortable to connect, not because they like the same clothes, but because they have the same mindset.


TPP: Recently sky welkin has had events/happy hours at jhanes, how did that come about  ?

SW: Honestly the conventional methods that we tried to use kept getting denied. We had been trying to do Pop Ups at a galleries and stores in the area and after being told so many times we came up with the idea of this experience and Jhane’s said yes. As a lifestyle brand, I feel we owe it to our supporters to bring our brand/style to life. The Happy Hour / Pop Up’s at Jhane’s allows us to provide an experience, not just sell clothes. Its free, the drinks are cheap (and strong lol), there’s blank Sky Welkin art + crayons for people to color and reimagine the art based off of their interpretation & imagination, and you can even play video games all before you step to our merch table. It gives adults a chance to revitalize their youth all the while introducing you to what we’re about. I like to show love to our supporters/newcomers genuinely, so its all about having a good time. We even have a Gold Pin that’ll give you 20% off your Sky Welkin purchase. At the end of the day if nobody came, Id could sit there and play the game as if I was at home lol, but I haven’t met one person that has came out that didn’t love the experience so Im grateful to see such a genuine idea be received to positively.

MackxSkywelkin blk polo .jpg

TPP: How does Sky Welkin feel about competitors both locally & globally ? 

SW: Locally, I personally don’t really consider anybody else competition. I say that humbly because most of the people in the area & in the same lane as us are my peers so I’d rather build with them than to compete, or I just do my own thing. I do believe in raising the bar and holding ourselves to a certain standard to inspire those same peers to step it up because ultimately that would make the area itself look better and Im more interested in doing that than to try to compete. The 757 has been long plagued with this crab in a bucket mentality so I just show love and carry on doing our own thing. Even further than that, I invite our “competition” to be apart of events like the Truly Yours, VA Fashion Show to push the idea of us being able to come together to provide the area with a dope experience, as well as start to build a rich history and change the stigma. Globally, I look at the heavy hitters as competition. Its the moves we see from our favorite brands, such as Kith, Gucci, Cav Empt, Futura, Off White, Marcelo Burlon, Cactus Plant Flea Market, Supreme, Bape, Yeezy, Margiela, Valentino, Vetements, and so many more, that we ultimately view as competition because they represent the status quo. On a global scale, we have to convince the people that thirst for those type of brands that the Sky Welkin Brand is worthy of that same level of respect, and I feel that because of the ambiguity of the art + the Build As You Grow lifestyle aspect will translate to all who can relate across the world.


TPP: Why should someone support Sky Welkin ? What’s up & coming for Sky Welkin in 2018 ?

SW: Why shouldn’t somebody support Sky Welkin? What did we do to you? Lol. As I mentioned before, the Build As You Grow lifestyle and the originality of Derek’s art combined presents a positive brand that we hope all can relate to. From birth to death, you should strive to Build As You Grow in order to become the best possible version of yourself with this one life that we have. How could you not support that? The art and ideas that build this brand can last forever, but we not gonna just say it, we’re gonna show you by our ethic and hopefully the will gain your support. If not fine, it cost you nothing to pay us no mind..
For the rest of 2018 and beyond we want to keep pumping out dope lifestyle products as well dope experiences for people to enjoy. There will be another Truly Yours, VA Fashion Show this year April 21st at the Granby Theater. This one will be even bigger and better than last year so Im excited to get started. We will continue to have events at spots like Jhane’s, but I do want to switch up the way we do them so that people that come out will be able to look forward to fresh experiences. As long as the support is there and our momentum keeps building locally and across the country/globe, people can expect things to only get bigger and better so just stay tuned.


The Perfect Play sits down with Pacers member, Sneaker Connoisseur and 757 OG Joe Cherry to discuss various topics including him growing up in Virginia Beach, the difference between then and now, His relationship with Kareem Biggs along with some of the various obstacles he faced throughout his journey and how he his helping the younger generation avoid some of the same mistakes he made. Check out Part 2 below.

The Perfect Play sits down with Pacers member, Sneaker Connoisseur and 757 OG Joe Cherry to discuss various topics including him growing up in Virginia Beach, the difference between then and now, His relationship with Kareem Biggs along with some of the various obstacles he faced throughout his journey and how he his helping the younger generation avoid some of the same mistakes he made. Check out Part 1 below.


Recently we had a chance to sit down with model Kenneth K, 20 years old from San Diego, California Kenneth has put together quite the resumé since his start in modeling less than a year ago. Working with brands like Pacers, Commonwealth and many more Kenneth expresses how he got into modeling, what its like to work with bigger brands and some of his pet peeves when shooting. Check out the full interview below.

It is no secret that designer Raf Simons is one of the lead designers in todays fashion culture and has been a mainstay for the better part of two decades. Terrence Allen member of Random Object Gallery, a 26 year old from Richmond, Va recently launched an article/site commemorating Raf Simons paying homage to some of the designers most iconic pieces from various collections that Terrence personally owns along with providing the reader with some insight to Raf’s history.


With comments like,

“It is Fascinating to see older Raf shows. All Raf are different and bring different ideas and concepts”

“I see Raf Simons as a clothing brand that is what it is. But Raf shows in his work the connection between art and fashion”

It is obviously no doubting that Terrence is sharp on his Raf history all photos were shot by Chris Shitty check out the entire write up here.


When it comes to being involved in the fashion culture there aren’t many notable names more important than Aleali May. You name it and Aleali probably has done it including everything from styling, modeling, being involved in panel talks with some of the biggest names in fashion and now working with Jordan Brand to release her first Jordan.


At just 25 years old Aleali is only the second woman to venture into a collaborative effort with Jordan and release a shoe. In an interview she stated “We had to get the approval from Michael Jordan. I mean, first of all when they told me, I said, ‘I won’t be able to sleep tonight,’”. “That’s the part that I love about it, he’s [Jordan] hands on with it. I already loved the brand as a kid and just hearing something like that is exactly why.” The shoe is a classic Jordan 1 with a satin toe box, corduroy upper and chenille swoosh. Her pop up was a huge success last night at Undefeated where Aleali paid homage to her roots and simply just cool west coast 90’s styled merchandise such as Jordan tees commemorating the event, Vinyl records from the likes of Snoop Dog, Dr.Dre and Tupac to name a few along with their Vintage Tee’s. As if that wasn’t enough to add even more of a west coast vibe the infamous Roscoe Chicken & Waffles was in the building serving friend chicken and cornbread. Check out more photos below.






photography: Orlando Boyd

Last weekend we had the chance to go down to Virginia Beach and check out Sole Food Kicks “3 Peat” event. Commemorating their 3 year anniversary at the store location where they pride themselves on selling both brand new and gently worn shoes along with featuring racks where you can find highly sought after Supreme and Bape items.DSC_0004

Thats some of the things you could find at Sole Food Kicks on the daily however for this special event they pulled out all the stops having a food truck in Chef Skips serving delectable dinner options like shrimp and fries, fish sandwiches and plenty more.


Spreading the love to other local shops and brands Sole Food Kicks also invited Rotate757, Hall Of Fame VA, Out Of The Box, Kvpitol Art, Sole Assembly, Classics VA, Rich Royal Cloth Culture and EDL to participate as vendors with coverage coming for ourselves and a live podcast courtesy of LiveFromThe75Podcast .




photography/videography : Justin Sherman

Tremaine Emory better known by his social media handle “Denim Tears” is no stranger to the who’s who in the music/fashion world. Tremaine is the sole owner of his label denim tears, co-owner of multipurpose group No Vacancy Inn with long time friend and DJ Acyde and Regularly spotted with the likes of ASAP Rocky, ASAP Bari, Kanye West and Heron Preston just to name a few. Today however SHOWstudio released a 8minute visual clip where Tremaine shares his thoughts on friend Virgil Abloh’s OFF White/Nike collaboration. On the surface one would think “ok this is just another sneaker review”, Tremaine however decides to dig a bit deeper in elaborating on why he likes the specific details of the shoe, How in depth Virgil went into designing the shoe and the “Mom Smiles” comment Virgil wrote on his own personal shoe and what it means.