Hip-Hop beloved Nas recently collaborated with Pantone to develop a custom color inspired by Nas and his the track “Ultra Black” off of his new album “Kings Disease.” The color “Ultra Black” is in honor of the black community, representing the unity of people. Nas explains his purpose behind the collaboration, “It was only right […]

As self-isolation becomes a norm due to the coronavirus outbreak, Brantley, in an effort to introduce a new take of comic superheroes, ‘Flyboy’ and ‘Lil Mama’, both African-American are featured in the Chicago-born artist‘s free coloring book pages. Hebru Brantley took to instagram encouraging others to color the characters and post saying “Please post so […]

Next month, Hajime Sorayama will be presenting two concurrent solo exhibitions, Sex Matter and TREX at Nanzuka Gallery in Tokyo. Famed Japanese Illustrator, Hajime Sorayama’s Sex Matter exhibit will display an imagined intimacy between robots emphasizing the fact that “life is born in this world through the existence of both the male and female sex” […]