In Episode 019 of The Perfect Play Podcast we sit down with Suffolk native 23 year old Yuong Blizz. Blizz shares stories about how he started out as a rapper, why 50 cent is his biggest inspiration in music, why he feels most of Virginia’s artist have adopted a “crabs in a barrel mentality”, how his new project Thank You is a perfect example of his superb free creative expression and much more. Check it out below now.


Almost everyone has been to or heard stories of a party/event where the DJ was either amazing or horrendous. In Episode 018 of The Perfect Play podcast we have a chance to sit down with one of our personal favorite DJ’s, Ehrl B.K.A 1-Hunnered. Throughout this podcast 1-Hunnered breaks down the story of how he first fell in love with DJ’ing, Relives his first gig compared to his latest at U-Street Music Hall, How he prepares for his DJ sets, His role with First Family, BTYM and much more. Listen to Episode 018 below now.


In Episode 017 of The Perfect Play Podcast we sit down with streetwear connoisseur Tommy Vercetti. Born in Virginia Beach, Virginia Tommy discusses everything with us including where and why his name is Tommy Vercetti, his styling ventures with Youngmoney Yawn and Lex Luger, his modeling with streetwear notable Murder Bravado and his most prized venture, his own brand “ByTommyVercetti”. Check out the full length podcast below now.

In Episode 016 of The Perfect Play Podcast, Fi$hskale Rabble discusses his new project More Fish shedding light on the production from Free Diesel, The hidden meaning behind how many tracks he includes on each of his projects, Why he scrapped the entire original More Fish project and much more. Joined by manager Tree and frequent collaborator JB Da Pilot, Rabble breaks down a story from his track Powder when he sent a female flowers however now feels like she should’ve sent her powder. Check the entire episode out below now

Wearing many hats Niyah Nel above all simply prides herself as a music connoisseur. The 24 year old entrepreneur has already built a respectable name for herself being an African American female now owning EDL ( , Becoming one of the most notable PR figures in Virginia and also having one of the most successful local events in Hampton Roads history with EDL Fest. During Episode 014 Niyah touches on all of these topics plus more including what she has planned for the near future. Check out Episode 014 below now.

Going by many names such as Lil “Yeezy” Vert,”Backdoor Bandit” and many more, In episode 013 we had a chance to sit down with sneaker reseller/entrepreneur Vonte Chemist. Throughout this episode he talks how he got his start as a reseller, reflects on selling 100 pairs of Pusha T Adidas EQT, why he feels being held at gunpoint during a sneaker sell was a blessing in disguise, his thoughts on Stock X and much more.

In Episode 012 of our podcast we sit down with Marketing Strategist Shod Harris as he shares his story about how he kicked the nine to five lifestyle and became his own boss, why his love for music marketing has died down since his start, what he has coming up for his Rebel Society marketing group along with weighing in on the recent Drake and Pusha T beef. Check Episode 012 out here now.

In Episode 011 of our podcast we are joined by University Of Texas point guard Matt Coleman. Throughout the podcast Coleman discusses his basketball journey from AAU with Boo Williams to currently playing for the University Of Texas and everything in between. Coleman also speaks on having a close relationship with coach Shaka Smart, The progress of younger brother Chase Coleman, his high expectations for this year as a rising Sophomore point guard in the Big 12 plus much more. Listen here now.