4 Months ago Fi$h$kale Rabble suddenly hit the music seen again after being released from a prison sentence the first product seen upon his arrival was a 30 sec clip of Fi$h$kale taking a mugshot directed by VASM which we would later find out was the lead up to a 4 track self titled EP. We recently had a chance to sit down with the 26 year old Virginia Beach native and discuss his latest visual Dropping Bows, His biggest musical inspirations, How he came up with his name while in prison and much more. Check out the full length interview below.

In Episode 02 of our podcast we catch up with creative collective Random Object Gallery as they dig deep into how they feel about the local government, Nike SB’s, Trump Administration, Norfolk being “The Stage” along with how they aren’t big fans of social media and why. After listening to this podcast the listener is sure to have a greater respect for Random Object Gallery as a team that can be very impactful in culture going forward.

In Episode 10 of our series we catch up with a street artist that goes by the name “Walking Houses”. Although at first coming off as sounding like something out of a fictional book Christopher Revels explains thoroughly how important this movement he has started is for him and why it should be important for us all. Check out Episode 10 below.