The Perfect Play is an online publication based out of Norfolk, Virginia. Our focus is on building a community through positive coverage on a wide variety of news and trends in culture including, but never limited to, music, fashion, food, sports, and art.

Along with being an online publication, we also offer our exceptional paid services via Create With The Perfect Play for the community we’ve built and newcomers to our community. Listed below are the services we offer, for any questions or inquiries please contact createwiththeperfectplay@gmail.com

General – Creative Consulting, Brand/Artist Enhancement, Management and more

Photography – Product Shots, Photo Shoots, Event Recaps and more

Graphic Design – Cover Art, Logo Design, Flyers and more

Videography – Music Videos, Event Recaps, BTS Coverage, Artist Vlogs and more

Premier/Sponsorships – Clothing Brands, Businesses, Events, Music and more