032c’s Winter Issue Features A Special Edition Booklet With A Conversation Between Kanye West and Tino Sehgal

Berlin based magazine 032c, focusing on coverage in art, fashion, and politics has revealed their winter issue will feature a special edition booklet with a conversation between Kanye West and Tino Sehgal. Although most are already familiar with Kanye, many aren’t familiar with the peculiar 45-year-old British artist Tino Sehgal who carved his own lane in the art world with his “constructed situations” process of presenting art. Tino believes there are enough objects in the world therefore his art involves human participation using voice, reenactment, language, movement, dramaturgy and interaction to shape, not things, and the process of selling it is entirely verbal. Now that you have a brief backstory of Tino Sehgal, we’re sure you can only imagine the intricacies of a conversation between he and Kanye West when they touch on topics like good life, frequencies of the 21st century, being the template for others, and more. Purchase the winter issue of 032c here.