Reebok manager for streetwear-focused collaborations Leo Gamboa, has taken to instagram to reveal the anticipated Reebok x Eames collaborative Club C The sneaker is inspired by Charles and Ray Eames house case study 8 The two were well-established 20th-century designers and their home/studio paved the way for modern design and architecture. This Reebok Club C […]

When Adidas acquired Reebok in 2006 for $3.8 billion, there was a lot of optimism for the brands moving forward. At the time, Reebok was still the official outfitter for both the NFL and NBA. As time went on though, the two brands couldn’t maximize their potential together and in February of 2020 CEO of […]

Charles and Ray Eames were well-established 20th-century designers. Their home/studio paved the way for modern design and architecture. Since their passing, their home has been turned into a museum, fit for inspiration and invention. Head of Reebok collaborations, Leo Gamboa, has announced a collaboration between the two brands, leaving much to imagination offering little foresight. […]

Kim Kardashian took to instagram early Monday to unveil a new collaborative tabi sneaker from Maison Margiela and Reebok. The sneaker is a blend of Reebok’s Classic Leather shoe and Margiela’s Tabi, featuring Reebok’s signature leather upper and a high abrasion rubber outsole with Margiela’s trademark split-toe. No additional information on the sneaker has been […]