After nearly a two year absence, The Weeknd has returned with his fifth studio “Dawn FM”. The Weeknd takes a new approach to this album, as he has done with all of his projects. On “Dawn FM”, he leans heavily into a late-night/early morning radio station as the theme of the album, with techno beats […]

Michael Jackson’s 6th studio album “Thriller” is official 34x platinum. The album was originally released in 1982. “Thriller” has a run time of 42 minutes with 9 songs. The album boasts songs like ‘Beat It’, ‘P.Y.T’, ‘Human Nature’, and ‘Thriller’ among other classics. The 9 song album was produced by the great Quincy Jones, and […]

The recording artist known as Hanz cannot be put into a box with his artistry. From R&B, to pop, to funk, to rap, Hanz has never colored in the lines of being one kind of artist. He fully embodies this in his record ‘Love 5050’, a funky and fun record produced by G. Donna that […]

Virginia singer Vesta has released her newest single ‘Loose Strings’. The record gives a pop feel to an optimistic message about following ones process in life. She self describes her song as being about “An artist who struggles with complacency and self-doubt over a year ago.” Vesta Has not shyed away from her self criticism, […]