Young Crazy Releases New Project “Interstate 110”

Young Crazy has released his newest project Interstate 110. The project begins with Crazy’s classic Gintro introduction as he spits bars about the way he’s living and carries out this style through the first three songs. He then transitions the energy of the project with ‘Shell Jumping’, which moves into ‘Blicks Up In The Party’, & ‘Yuh Bastard’. The high energy records encapsulate another horizon of Crazy’s flows and deliveries, a unique style tracing its roots back to his upbringing in Norfolk. Crazy ends his album with a message that has remained consistent throughout his career in ‘Love Of Money’. He raps “I don’t talk to niggas who not focused on that dollar sign.” The project has 9 tracks with a runtime of 24 minutes showcasing a slew of features including Icewear Vezzo, Breezo2x, Yayo105, Luh Kiddo, and Lyrivelli. Listen to the project below now.