Yeezus For Most Stylish Man Alive !

GQ’s most stylish men issue is sent to the fashion masses yearly with fashion lovers anxious to see who will be within the top 20 men selected and more importantly who will be number 1. This time around for the second year in a row Kanye West has been atop the list as most stylish man alive. This comes as no surprise really seeing that Ye’ prides himself on being super tuned in to what is hot in fashion and what is not. Not to mention he also has been setting the standard for almost all hiphop/fashion fans since the earlier 2000’s. This time around Kanye is seen on the cover of the GQ magazine wearing a short-sleeved white collared button up shirt with the sleeves cuffed once in traditional Kanye fashion, he also has on a light blue Saint Laurent denim wash with holes on both knee caps and finally he capped the outfit off with his traditional olive colored Bottega Veneta chelsea boots. It may be safe to say Kanye has been a fashion icon since “back when they thought pink polos would hurt the roc” -Kanye West. It is also safe to say he will remain a fashion icon until he is dead and gone also ! rs_634x892-150622095156-634.Kanye-West-GQ-Most-Stylish-men.jl.062215 -jm

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