‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Delayed Indefinitely

Warner Brothers have delayed the ‘Wonder Woman 1984″ after its scheduled release in theatres on October 2nd.⁣ ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ was initially slotted to release in November of 2019. The movie was delayed because of the studio “rushing” in pre-production and post-production. Producer Charles Roven said that the studio wanted it by a specific time. ⁣⁣However, Warner Brothers agreed and that pushing it back to June 2020 would work better for everyone. Little did they know that Covid-19 would once again halt their plans.⁣⁣ As the threat of Covid-19 still lingers over the world, there are still many health concerns for the general public. There have been rumors of a December 2020 release, specifically Christmas, as a target date, hoping the number of cases will decrease. If nothing changes, a digital release may be imminent.

– Cam Deloatch

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