WHYNOTduce Releases New Song/Video “Lord Save Me”

WHYNOTduce has released a new visual for his song “Lord Save Me”. Duce is one of the most unique talents currently in Virginia, and this song is another example of the artists versatility. The video also tells the reality of the things Duce has had to overcome on his path.

“Growing up in the Church helped me mold my style and my sound. Hearing the melodies in the music helped me a lot. I still use it in my my music” said WHYNOTduce when asked about his biggest influences on his music. He also stated, “Seeing what really happens in the streets, people selling drugs, seeing people die and things like that showed me where I didn’t want to be”.

WHYNOTduce isn’t close to being done yet either. He shared that he has a couple more singles releasing soon, his tape can drop whenever, and more great visuals as well. “Just more different shit, different visuals, different music. More different shit”.

Watch WHYNOTduce’s new video “Lord Save Me” below now: