Why Not Duce Releases “Kelly Rolling”

Why Not Duce released a new single “Kelly Rolling.” The song is out of the ordinary from what we’re used to hearing from Duce. He spoke on “Kelly Rolling” saying, I basically wanted to make something upbeat and fun, since it’s always storytelling and real-life events I speak about. This was one of those feel-good, get the record spinning in the club-type singles. Which also ties into the title of my album “Every Emotion” you just don’t know what you going to get from me. I pride myself on that, never want to be put in a box as an artist.” Why Not Duce flows over the beat produced by Wally Tha Goat with his harmonious vocals and gives his fans music that they’ve been patiently waiting for.

Listen to “Kelly Rolling” by Why Not Duce below now:

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