Vesta Releases New EP “The L Word”

Virginia singer has released her EP titled “The L Word”. The project comes with five songs and a runtime of a sweet and concise 11 minutes. We got a chance to speak to Vesta about the project and how it came to life.

Cameron DeLoatch: What was the process like creating “The L World”?

Vesta: It was pretty unexpected. I hadn’t even thought about putting together a project yet because I never seem to follow all the way through. But Elijah and I are really good friends, we hang out all the time anyways and sometimes work on music. We would finish a song and immediately load up another one until he suggested we put out an EP. The rest was history.

CD: How did you come up with the overall theme and title for “The L Word”?

Vesta: The original concept was going to be 5 songs, and 5 L-worded titles. Obviously, most people read the title and assume it’s about love and that’s what I wanted, but while also depicting loyalty, limerence, lust, and loss. in a way, the concept remains but I didn’t want to title the songs after the principle, wanted to leave room for perspective.

CD: How long did it take to finalize everything and what is your personal favorite from the EP?

Vesta: We wrapped everything up in 3 weeks, give or take. Elijah and I are practically neighbors so we’d knock out a song, go home and repeat. My personal favorite is probably the outro. I think anyone who’s ever heard my first EP, how singers cry, would agree that it kinda ties in the some of

that nostalgia. to me the song just feels like freedom.

Listen to “The L Word” by Vesta below now:

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