Today rising artist, Alexander Fay from Boston by way of Virginia Beach, released the visual for his debut single ‘Up.Down’. This track is from his upcoming Ep ‘Something New’ which will be releasing later in the week. The ‘Up.Down’ visual sees Alexander explaining vividly how his relationship with his girl seems to be up and down as he travels from being in a room alone with just them two, to driving and finding himself outside in the wilderness rapping alone expressing what exactly is going on in his mind trying to figure out where he went wrong with her. Alex flows smoothly over the boom bap beat simply giving the listener a full chance to capture his multi talented artistry in both singing and rapping. Alexander Fay is a name that could possibly be here to stay. View the ‘Up.Down’ visual shot by Reggie Felipe directed by Jay Melendez down below. Also be on the look out for his ‘Something New’ Ep releasing later this week.

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Twitter: @XanderFayton

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