Unofficial PS2 Themed PS5 set to release

With virtually no PS5’s in stores, one company has emerged to have some in stock, with a special nostalgia attached. A company named SUP3R5 has been taking pre-orders on PS2 themed PS5’s. SUP3R5 brings the classic logo and color scheme from the PS2 to the PS5. The white faceplates and black logos have been replaced with blackface plates and the original logo as well as the dualsense controllers. They even went as far as disassembling and redesigning the controller to the same plastic as the original PS2 controller. Another noteworthy point, if you do buy this customized PS5, the warranty only covers for the console and not the controller

The SUP3R5 PlayStation 5 will be limited to only 304, as they pay respects to the day the PlayStation 2 dropped (03-04-2000). Pre-orders will start January 8th and the console will be going at a price of $649.00 and the controller going for $99.

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