Two Time NBA Champion JR Smith Plans To Enroll In College To Play Golf

JR Smith is a 16 year NBA veteran that has won two championships with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Los Angeles Lakers, respectively. Over the course of his career, Smith has spent a lot of his spare time practicing his golf swing. Many players in the NBA like Andre Igoudala and JJ Reddick have vouched for Smith, saying he’s probably the best golfer in the NBA conglomerate.

Now, 35-year old JR Smith is looking to play golf at the collegiate level. Smith has enrolled North Carolina A&T, where he is intending on joining the schools golf team. He is majoring in Liberal Studies, but he still has to wait for the approval of the NCAA on his eligibility. The NCAA has no rule for former professional athletes going back to college to compete in another sport.

Coming out of high school, Smith skipped college to go straight to the NBA.