TheBasedGod & Chance collab for “FREE” mixtape

Today Lil B & Chance The Rapper released a mixtape titled “FREE” featuring 6 “Based Freestyles”. The collaboration between the two is something that had been rumored to be in the works for a month or so now after chance the rapper posted a photo to his instagram mid July with the caption reading “made an album with Lil B”. Then July 31 during an interview with Wild 94.1’s Bootleg Kev, Chance confirmed that the joint album with Lil B would be releasing soon and that it was a “masterpiece” and also a “classic”. He also has went on record to say that “Free” was completely made when he first met Lil B and that it was “conceived from magic, love, acid and based.” We are still trying to figure out if “FREE” is the album Chance was speaking of or if there is more work from the two forthcoming. We will keep you updated. Also be on the lookout for Chance’s upcoming “Family Matters Tour” with Towkio, Metro Boomin and Virginia’s very own D.R.A.M.


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