The Traptastic “Trapo De Mayo” Recap

The Traptastic returned at Chichos on Granby Street on Cinco De Mayo. As the people streamed in, you could tell it was going to be an epic night and it did not disappoint. The venue filled in anticipation to see the present and future of Virginia’s brightest rappers, as Izzy the DJ kept the crowd on a handstand with his musical selection.

Fishskale Rabble took to the stage and his performance immediately drew the attendance of those attending the event. With heavy-hitting beats and solid delivery Fish showcased his album with the same poise he had in the studio captivating listeners. Surrounded by camera crews and eyes Fish did not shy from the spotlight, relishing in the moment, taking time to let his record play as the crowd listened in awe, phones drawn before then performing again drawing applause. The party seamlessly returned to its normal form, showing how well Fish’s music matched the vibe of the event.

Al Dom’s took the stage and before he even performed a crowd gathered.
The moment he started performing cameras were out lights surrounding him, he performed his record ‘Rat Race’ from his latest project “New Dream”, with high energy as 808s coursed through the the audience. One of Virginia’s brightest stars shined in his moment. Doms then transitioned into “Tic Toc” and the crowd began to jump. The audience pushed forward even more and flooded the front of the stage to sing every lyric. A Virginia artist of this generation shined with the same light as any superstar, and it all came full circle. After the performance Doms hugged his brothers commemorating one of the most powerful performances by a VA artist in 2021.

Young Crazy then entered, the champion of the streets. Crazy has been an example of consistency in Virginia’s current music scene. Before he took the stage, Crazo made a pit stop at the bar and bought a whole round of shots to bring the energy even higher. As he took the stage, cameras and phones drew as he introduced himself giving reverence to Traptastic.

Immediately as he performed the energy of what made Traptastic magical, returned. Dynamic beats under the tone of one of Virginia’s realest voices energized the crowd. A haze of smoke filled the air as Crazy performed his latest single ‘Shell Jumping’. The bass shook through the chest of the crowd. Arms flew in the air chanting every lyric of a song that just released not even a week ago, showing how much hold Crazy still has over Virginia’s music scene. Crazy continued the set with a third song from his latest album and the entire function began to vibe from the stage to the door. Crazy then went into a fourth record hit song Molly Talk one of the Traptastic era’s most classic songs. He then transitioned into ‘Painter Clique’, which then went to Crazy’s first hit song ‘GET DUMB’. Al-Doms emerged from nowhere cracking open a piñata, playfully throwing candy into the crowd during the performance. But the performance wasn’t over Crazy then performed one of his most classic songs, ‘Lessons’. The audience then rapped every lyric of the song in unison as Crazy embraced the moment on stage.

Written by Cameron DeLoatch and Ryan Cyrus

Photography by Huey Melendez and Cortez Artis