The Perfect Play Presents: Caliber

In Norfolk on December 17, 2021, Slowdive gallery hosted “Caliber,” an event curated and presented by The Perfect Play. Embodying the meaning of it’s name, the event featured a line-up of four of the 757’s most talented – or highest caliber – performers: Lundii, Boris The Lucid, Kiree 3600, and Khi Infinite.

In case you missed it, here’s how everything went down. 

Doors opened at 10pm and attendees gathered in the main gallery space, mingling, sipping specially curated cocktails like “A Slow Dive” (Hennessy, cream soda, and agave) and “The Perfect Play” (Jameson, lime and lemon juice), and vibing to a set by Vega. 

The show kicked off around midnight when Lundii took the stage, setting the tone immediately with an ambient blue backdrop and dimmed lights. Captivating the audience with his smooth vocals, Lundii performed original songs including “Without It” and “Back To Me.” His talent was evident. The room buzzed with pleasant surprise. This was Lundii’s first performance in some time and he undoubtedly garnered new fans.

Following Lundii, Boris the Lucid emerged and the ambiance in the room pivoted as the stage lighting switched to a deep red, coordinating with Boris’s all red fit. Boris’s rockstar demeanor was on full display as he crooned his trance melodies into the mic, locked in with the crowd. His set came to a peak as he played his newest song, “CGI.” The audience was fully tapped in and he was matching their energy. The chemistry was so good he had to run the song back and even hopped into the crowd to vibe with his fans. The energy in the building was steadily rising.

As a surprise guest, Kiree 3600 aka The Last Hope, came out to “Boy” – a song off his latest EP “Three.” Kiree’s high energy matched to his hard-hitting bass had the crowd jumping. His fans were definitely in attendance, the room echoed as people sung the lyrics right along with him. His set picked up even more energy as he moved into a performance of “Extra Pockets” and he closed out on his highest note with a performance of his latest release, “Last Bow.” 

The final, headlining performance of the night was Khi Infinite. His infectious energy spilled over into the already energized crowd as he performed songs like “Missed Calls” and “Love For Yah.” The audience was electrified and Khi was killing it. He had fans singing into the mic and also made his way right into the crowd, performing side by side the people. At the end of his set, Khi took a moment to express his gratitude for everyone in attendance and expressed how special of a moment the night was.  

All in all, Caliber was a great space for people to come out and share amazing energy going into 2022. It was an authentic experience showcasing the next crop of Virginia’s flourishing stars. 

The Perfect Play sends a special thank you to everyone who came out, to the artists for sharing their incredible talents, and to Slowdive for providing the wonderful space. 

We hope to see you all at the next event.