‘The Idol’ Axed by HBO After One Season

HBO’s ‘The Idol,’ a series that generated substantial hype, unfortunately fell short with each passing episode. The show, directed by Sam Levinson of ‘Euphoria,’ featured The Weeknd as Tedros, a charismatic nightclub owner/cult leader, and Lily-Rose Depp as Jocelyn, a talented musician grappling with internal conflicts. Despite its promising elements, the show failed to live up to its potential. Whether due to the explicit scenes making most viewers uncomfortable or the subpar acting, which became fodder for social media gifs and memes, it’s evident in retrospect that ‘The Idol’ had the potential to be either great or lackluster from the start. Now a few months after the airing of its final epiosde, its easy to say the show leaned towards the latter, disappointing many viewers.