“The Family” Speaks On Importance Of Community As They Prepare For Their Second Annual Juneteenth Cookout

When it comes to throwing an event, whether it’s in Norfolk, Hampton, or anywhere else, it’s a certain recipe you must have. Good vibes, good people, and good music. ‘The Family’, a tight-knit group of 13 that consists of Andre Joyner, Brandon Joyner, Corey Joyner, Rayshad Johnson, Skeez Whitley, Re’cco Jarvis, Drew Walton, Darren Wimbush, Avin Hawkins, Daniel Rapoza, Gotti Barret , Shawn Eley, and Jordan Baker, but more like brothers from Hampton, have been giving the city of Hampton a fun and peaceful event to look forward to since last summer. This time around, there once again taking it to the next level.

It all started last year when the middle brother of the Joyner brother trio, Brandon celebrated his 29th birthday. Corey, Dre, and Brandon decided to just throw a little something together, but it had an amazing turnout. They went from expecting a small crowd to having over 500 people show up. They credited the turnout to their networking through sports and just being good people in their communities. The Joyner brothers emphasized the importance of bringing positive energy wherever they go because they know how important the Joyner name is in the Hampton and Newport News area. They too gave credit to their father who was also a great figure in the community. The Joyner brothers even asked their father for pointers on how to improve their event.

This year, the event lands on Juneteenth, which is the perfect coincidence. It represents the freedom that black people can appreciate in America today as well as the newfound freedom we have from the government lifting COVID-19 restrictions.

You can expect nothing but good and positive energy from some great people this Saturday, June 19th, with ‘The Family’.

For more information, contact Andre Joyner (@andrejoyner_), Corey Joyner (@coreyjoyner_), or Brandon Joyner (bjoyner_).