“The Family” Continues To Bring Positivity To Their Community With Massive Cookout

If you haven’t heard by now, ‘The Family’ are making an impact on the city of Hampton. They are a strong friend group comprised of Avin Hawkins, Daniel Rapoza, Jordan Baker, Gotti Barret, Shawn Eley, Andre Joyner, Brandon Joyner, Corey Joyner, Rayshad Johnson, Skeez Whitley, Re’cco Jarvis, Drew Walton, Darren Wimbush. They have thrown several events that brought hundreds of people to their backyard to have a good time. Over the weekend, in celebration Corey Joyner’s 22nd birthday, they threw yet another massive cookout, but it’s not just about the fun, it’s about the community first.

Throughout the morning and afternoon in Hampton Roads, rain poured throughout the 7 cities. But as the skies cleared and the sun came out, The Family brought the neighborhood out to their Summer Is Over Cookout. The Family is a group of friends and brothers who have spent their entire lives by each other’s side. They use their friendship to bring an unmatched positive atmosphere with music, food, and great energy. Their ability to bring out the community they grew up in for fun and festivities while keeping things peaceful is something that is a rare occurrence in the seven cities.

Rickie Joyner, the father of Corey, Andre, and Brandon Joyner, expressed his gratification on the impact that ‘The Family” is having in Hampton and the same community he grew up in. “Im proud to see them doing something positive. As long as people come and have a good time, no violence no nothing. I’m happy to see it.” Darren Wimbush also spoke about the ‘The Family’ and their possible future endeavors. He mentioned how with the success of the cookouts, how they can now possibly support the youth in the community with a bookbag drive or something of that nature.

‘The Family’ are setting a new precedent in Hampton and Newport News. With their ties in basketball, photography and videography, music, and more, they are giving the youth new faces to look up to. With the constant love and support, they’ve shown to their city, they are receiving it right back tenfold.

Be on the lookout for the next event ‘The Family’ hosts.

Written by Cameron DeLoatch and Ryan Cyrus.