Terence Crawford Retains Welterweight Title Defeating Challenger Shawn Porter

Last night, Terence Crawford faced Shawn Porter last night in a fast paced and thrilling Welterweight bout. Crawford came into the match 38-0 and was looking to extend that, but Shawn Porter made it all but easy.

The two fighters applied pressure to one another throughout the match, but Crawford was sharper. The defending champ landed 30% of his punches, compared to 23% from Porter.

As the fight progresses, Crawford gained more and more momentum. In the tenth round, Crawford scored two knockdowns, before Porter’s father called the fight.

In his post fight speech, Crawford called out Errol Spence who is now cleared to fight again. Crawford said, “Who’s No. 1 in the welterweight division now? You know who I want. I’ve been calling him out all day. Maybe Spence will get his tail out of his butt and fight me.”

For Shawn Porter, he is calling it a career and retired after the fight. He finished his career with a 31-4-1 record, with two Welterweight World Championships.