Tampa Bay Bucs Win Super LV

Super Bowl LV was one of the most hyped Super Bowls ever. On one side, there was Patrick Mahomes, who has done things no other QB in NFL history has done in his first three years as a starter. And on the other side, there was Tom Brady, who is universally known as the greatest QB ever to play. Both teams came in dominating their respective conferences; tonight, only one team can be crowned champion.

The game started slow, but it didn’t take long for the momentum to shift. With both of their original starting tackles out due to injury, Todd Bowles and his defense put consistent pressure on Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City offense could never get a rhythm, but that wasn’t the case for the Bucs. 

The Bucs offense was smooth throughout the entire game with a balanced attack. Tom Brady picked apart the defense with precision passing. Brady connected with Rob Gronkowski for two touchdowns in the first half, giving us shades us their dominant era in New England.

In the second half of the game, that trend continued. Tampa Bay continued to pressure and force Mahomes to scramble and force him to make some difficult throws.

In the end, the Chiefs failed to get into the endzone, while the Bucs faced little to no resistance on both sides of the ball. The Buccanneers won Super Bowl LV by a score of 31-9 and became the first team to win a Super Bowl to host the game in their stadium. Tom Brady wins his seventh Super Bowl along with his fourth Super Bowl MVP, adding to his already illustrious resume.