After a year long hiatus Norfolk rapper Doeski has returned with a new song and visual ‘Rainy Days.’ Doeski raps in a mumble flow over an incredible beat produced by Fake UZUMI.  The visual marks the directorial debut for director Jordan Dunman, who uses one of Norfolk’s most iconic landmarks, Harbor Park, as the background […]

Although it was first announced that Virginia would legalize marijuana beginning January 1. 2024, it has been acknowledged that this would be a drawn-out process, furthering racial discrepancies by associating legalization with when commercial businesses are set to open. Democratic executives in the Virginia House of Delegates are now pushing for marijuana legalization on July […]

After the meteoric release of his LP ‘New Dream’,  Al-Doms has released the first visual from the project with lead single ‘Rat Race’. Directed by Aaron Dee the visual follows the story of a teen from Norfolk living his life in the ‘Rat Race.’ Multiple scenes follow the young mans story, from getting game, to […]

The ascension of Al-Doms has been one that is nothing short of meteoric, but unlike meteors his luminescence is on the path to stand the test of time. He has consistently put out hit records followed by cinematic visuals and the culmination of that hard work has birthed the ‘New Dream’, his first LP since […]