Week 11 of the NFL season provided us with a look at some of the NFL’s best teams either thrive or fold under pressure. There were two big-time games with teams from the AFC West battling it out, and teams from the NFC East jockeying for playoff positions in other games. Some teams gained, and […]

As we approach the midway point in the NFL season, we see a lot of teams rising and falling in the standings. Several star players returned to play from either injury or suspension, and we also got a chance to see another Superstar RB in new threads. Some teams came into the week heavily favored […]

This week in the NFL season wasn’t the most flattering of weeks. There were multiple games with quarterbacks who failed to throw for more than 200 yards, in what is a pass-heavy, offensive-slanted league. Despite some low-scoring games, there were multiple surprises from a lot of teams throughout the league. Some up-and-coming teams proved that […]

This week in the NFL had some of the league’s best quarterbacks both shine and crumble in big moments. Players like Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts were able to overcome the adversity from the opposition and escaped with wins. Others like Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson struggled and failed to make plays when the game […]

This NFL season has already taken some major twists in just the first four weeks. Some teams that came into the season with little to no expectations are still winning games and other teams with high expectations are still falling short. Here is a full recap of Week 4 of the NFL Season. The Miami […]

This week’s Performance of the Week goes to Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. In week 4 vs. the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and their top-ranked defense, Mahomes threw for 249 yards and three touchdowns. Mahomes toyed with the Buccaneer’s defense and made difficult throws look effortless. Mahomes led the Chiefs, who came into the game […]

This week’s NFL season featured some amazing matchups throughout the league. Teams like the Miami Dolphins proved their legitimacy against what many think is the best team in the NFL. Lamar Jackson continues to prove his worth and the Jacksonville Jaguars have emerged as a sleeper team to sneak into the playoffs after a big […]