J Cole has released the documentary for his upcoming album The Off-Season. Titled ‘Applying Pressure’ J. Cole gives an inside look into the process of his album beginning with a conversation with 21 Savage. After the conversation the doc switches to ‘Chapter 1, Comfort Is The Enemy.’ He breaks down how comfort is the energy […]

Nata has been quickly building steam as one of New Jersey’s best keep secrets who’s quickly getting louder. With hot freestyles released via her Instagram including one that paid reverence to Alealimay’s Jordan 1 collaboration receiving direct love from the artist and dominant features she’s been on such as ‘Protect Our Queens’ Nata has remained […]

Young Crazy has released his newest project Interstate 110. The project begins with Crazy’s classic Gintro introduction as he spits bars about the way he’s living and carries out this style through the first three songs. He then transitions the energy of the project with ‘Shell Jumping’, which moves into ‘Blicks Up In The Party’, […]

Virginia singer Vesta has released her newest single ‘Loose Strings’. The record gives a pop feel to an optimistic message about following ones process in life. She self describes her song as being about “An artist who struggles with complacency and self-doubt over a year ago.” Vesta Has not shyed away from her self criticism, […]

Virginia artist Cmrnprkr has released his first single of 2021 with a testament to his growth in ‘Sweet Escape’. The record is the perfect vibe for those seeking to keep their conscious clean and filled with uplifting energy. Cmrn raps “Still learning how to be grateful for life and count my blessings…how you gone have […]

Lil Yachty has released his new project and first of the year ‘Michigan Boy Boat’. As suggested in the title the project is heavily influenced by Michigan’s sounds and features a slew of artist’s from the state. Tee Grizzley, Sada Baby, Louie Ray and more grace the track list as Yachty and friends deliver a […]

Rapper Chris Crnza has released a new single ’09’ from his upcoming album. He raps in a deep and alluring voice over a piano and guitar with snare drums, reminiscent of a poetic flow as he speaks his mind. When asked about his thoughts on the song he even gives a poetic answer “Til now, […]

After over 400 days since his last record, singer Boris the Lucid has returned with his new single ‘Joy Ride’. The song presents a slow and gloomy tune with deep lyrics. As the song progresses, Boris switches up the flow and brings heat in his pace and lyrics to give the song even more complexity. Listen […]

After a year long hiatus Norfolk rapper Doeski has returned with a new song and visual ‘Rainy Days.’ Doeski raps in a mumble flow over an incredible beat produced by Fake UZUMI.  The visual marks the directorial debut for director Jordan Dunman, who uses one of Norfolk’s most iconic landmarks, Harbor Park, as the background […]