LeBron James had a sat-down interview Monday with ESPN’s Michael Wilbon. Throughout his career, LeBron has been one of the most up-front and outspoken players in the NBA. Just a few days ago, Kyrie Irving became available after he made a trade request, and Irving’s name has been attached to the Lakers for some time […]

NBA star LeBron James addressed the media for their biased behavior after the Washington Post published a photo of Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones outside of North Little Rock High School in 1957 when the school was integrating.  Following the Los Angeles Lakers 128-109 victory versus the Portland Trailblazers Wednesday, with dissatisfaction LeBron James stated […]

This Friday, “The Shop” is coming back with their fifth season on Youtube. “The Shop” executive produced by LeBron James and his long-time friend Mav Carter brings athletes, musicians, actors, and other interesting individuals in the barbershop to have conversations about their professions and other things. The first episode of this season features LeBron and […]