Virginia Beach native Pharrell Williams recently made in attempt to host in event at the Cavalier hotel. Williams was also going to bring comedian Dave Chappelle as well. Unfortunately, though, that plan was turned down by Bruce Thompson, Virginia Beach Business man. Thompson says one reason for him turning down the plan was the potential […]

If you haven’t heard by now, ‘The Family’ are making an impact on the city of Hampton. They are a strong friend group comprised of Avin Hawkins, Daniel Rapoza, Jordan Baker, Gotti Barret, Shawn Eley, Andre Joyner, Brandon Joyner, Corey Joyner, Rayshad Johnson, Skeez Whitley, Re’cco Jarvis, Drew Walton, Darren Wimbush. They have thrown several […]

On a radiant Sunday morning in Norfolk, Virginia, My Mama’s Kitchen, well known for its exquisite soul food, hosted the famed “Thicc Burger” crew. Thicc Burger is a pop-up style restaurant originally founded in Los Angeles that has gained notoriety during their #thiccsummer burger tour this year. At their stop in Norfolk this past Sunday, […]