Summertime ’06

Cali rapper, Vince Staples is dropping his debut album Summertime ’06 slated to release on June 30th but choose to stream it for free via NPR a week early! Staples dropped the visual for his first single Señorita earlier this year which set the tone for this project. Of course, in Vince Staples fashion he expresses some dark undertones in his lyrics but in staying true to the title the album is perfect for riding around with your windows down this summer. In total the dual disc album contains 20 tracks with features from his fellow Cutthroat Boyz members Joey Fatt$ and A$ton Matthews, Daley, Kilo Kish, Desi Mo, Jhene Aiko, and many more.

Staples is asking that everyone listen with open minds and that if you like what you hear support him by buying the album on it’s official release date.

Stream the entire album here.

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