Sony Unveils “Playstation Portal”

In 2005, Sony changed the way we played video games with the release of the PSP. Now nearly 20 years later, Sony is back into the handheld gaming system business with the PlayStation Portal. The new device is PlayStation’s first remote-play device.

The PlayStation Portable comes with Pulse Explore wireless earbuds as well as a Pulse Elite wireless headset that features lossless, low-latency audio using the new PlayStation Link technology. The DualSense controller features the same haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on the PlayStation 5, with an 8-inch LCD screen. The screen is capable of producing 1080p resolution at 60fps.

You can connect the PlayStation Portable over wifi and switch your gaming experience seamlessly to and from the PlayStation 5.

The PlayStation Portable remote player will be available later this year for a price of $199. The Pulse Elite will be priced at $149 and the Pulse Explore at $199.