Season 5 of ‘Snowfall’ Set To Return February 23rd

Season 5 of ‘Snowfall’ has finally received a release date. The new season of the hit show is set to come back on February 23 on Hulu.

The last time we saw Franklin Saint and the crew, everything was going bad for the business. With things getting out of Franklin’s control, some serious decisions had to be made.

In the final scene of season 4, Franklin travelled to Texas and paid a visit to an old friend, Mel, who had played a part in the reason why things got so out of hand so quickly. He told her,

“Can’t lay in bed at night knowing that at any moment, my future could get blown up by my past,” so if there’s something you want to say to me, something you want to get off your little chest, then please say it now. Because after this, I promise you, I f**king promise you, there are no more chances”.

Melody then asked Franklin if he was onto who killed her father, after taking a few steps while walking on his cane, Franklin paused, hung his cane on a chair and walked off.

Are you excited for the new season of ‘Snowfall’?