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This week while out in sunny Los Angeles, California The Perfect Play had the opportunity to stop by Round Two Hollywood one of the hottest emerging stores in California. The store located on Melrose Ave. has been up a little over a year and has been doing very well getting visits on the regular from the who’s who of the fashion/sneaker world while they are in Los Angeles. Since we caught up with all the employees from the Round Two RVA store we thought we would head out to California to see what similarities there were between the two stores and fortunately we had a chance to catch up with one of the founders of Round Two, Sean Wotherspoon. In between managing the store, Creating his Yeezy hats which have had the streetwear world on tilt and recently being featured as a model in A$AP Bari’s inaugural VLONE pop up Sean is a busy guy but luckily we had time to ask him a few questions about Round Two Hollywood, The infamous toe dipped shoes on the ceiling and also the future of Round Two as a whole. View the Q & A below.

TPP: Did you think Round Two would get to this large scale when you first started ?

SW: I won’t say that I didn’t think it would because I always hoped it would get to this large of a scale and even larger.

TPP: What made you want to open a store specifically in Los Angeles ? Why not anywhere else ?

SW: We just wanted to open up a store on the other side of the country and we had a friend out here “etai” (  who basically was telling us everyone out here was hip to Round Two so we thought why not.

TPP: Whats the biggest difference between the store here in Los Angeles and the store in Richmond ?

SW: We get a lot more street wear and vintage out here and a lot less shoes, a lot more shoes back home (@roundtwoRVA) and a lot less street wear and vintage there.

TPP: What would you say is your favorite item you have seen come through the Los Angeles store ?

SW: A lot, i don’t even know.. ummm a Snow Beach jacket came through that was very cool but just like everyday so much vintage comes through like I’m super hyped on this vintage nike windbreaker that just came in a few minutes ago.

TPP: Seems that this store has frequent traffic from celebrities, what are normally their thoughts on Round Two ?

SW: Everyone usually pretty much fucks with it, I guess a few people who didn’t really fuck with it were DJ Mustard he was kind of looking for us to private shop for him so he didn’t like it to much ummm Swaggy P didn’t seem like he had to great of a time here. But usually everyone else really loves it man all of the A$AP homies, Rocky fucks with it um Trinidad fucks with it super hard, Tyga, I mean there is a lot of people that really really fuck with the store and our movement.

TPP: With Round Two Hollywood gallery opening soon can you give us some insight of what items will be in there exactly ?

SW: Everything thats on my instagram that I never sell that everyone wants me to sell pretty much.

TPP: Can you tell us what inspired the red toe dipping of the sneakers by you all ?

SW: Oh man, super random we just had a bucket of paint left over from when we painted the ceiling and we bought a size like 14 of those white Supreme Jordan 5’s and we knew they were never going to fucking sell.

TPP: What type of buzz or traffic did that create ?

SW: Everyday there is a handful of people that come through to take a picture of them or just like holler at me and say yeah I saw you on complex for toe dipping so it was definitely killer.

TPP: What would you say is in the future for Round Two ?

SW: Damn no one has ever really asked me that, were not doing anymore stores in the United States. Probably like London, Japan or Australia something like that … just pretty much want to get out of this country its like over saturated. I realize like almost all of our customers out here are international and its like all they tell me is how much they need this in their country so i just feel like if we do this in their country we will be the first and I kind of want to like start a trend not really be part of a trend you know.









Be sure to visit Round Two Hollywood.

7320 Melrose Avenue Los Angeles, California

Hours: 11am-8pm daily.

Instagram: @roundtwohollywood

Instagram: @Sean_Wotherspoon




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