Scott Mescudi

Sunday KiD CuDi took to twitter to post a picture of a seemingly handwritten “will”. At first sight it seems as if it could be lyrics to a song maybe as most of his fans thought however he then tweeted “not a song”. If nothing else only at age 31 CuDi already knows how he wants it all to be after his demise. Read the message below.


“My casket needs to be 100% rose gold plated

I wanna be in my ripped Levi’s jeans and my Incesticide Nirvana

T shirt with my Converse

Don’t cut my hair

No matter what keep the casket closed

Send my body to space to be buried on the moon or

Sent through a wormhole with all my music

and my story on a jump drive, if possible.

Upon my death, all rivalries are deaded.

Dance and celebrate, no sadness

Let my fans have a separate funeral for me so my

family can mourn privately

Cremation if there’s barely anything left of me,

or else dig up my dad’s body and bury us together

wherever my mom sees fit. funeral must be”      – KiDCuDi


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