Saint Pablo Tour: SACRAMENTO

Kanye West left fans is awe last night both for the good and for the bad at his Saint Pablo tour stop in Sacramento. Being that the show didn’t last but 30 minutes I will keep this write short and sweet also. So Kanye came out yesterday as if everything was normal however fans were not aware of the roller coaster he was about to take them on. Soon thereafter Kanye came out to start the show he began speaking about the politics of radio music saying “Drake is a great artist bro, I know that but Frank Ocean is F***ing great too but you know who the greatest of all of us… Kid Cudi”. To everyones surprise Kanye then brought out Kid Cudi to perform alongside him on his unique elevating stage. After just three songs in Kanye decided to share the self proclaimed “stream of consciousness” with the fans which soon turned into a big rant where he spoke on Beyonce winning the MTV music video of the year and threatening to not perform if she didn’t, He spoke on Jay-Z still not talking to him and much more. Soon thereafter Kanye told the press to get ready for season 4 dropped the mic and ended the show abruptly. Stay tuned for more information soon and check out some footage and reactions below.


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