Sækyi Releases Debut EP ‘Sunset Demo’s’

Richmond artist Sækyi has released his debut project, ‘Sunset Demo’s’. The project takes listeners on a journey through Sækyi’s emotions of love, lust, and intimacy, a range of feelings that he’s been forced to confront during the course of last years pandemic. This confrontation has led to a step forward in the growth of his already unique sound. 

The project begins with him giving reverence to his peace and relief he’s found from being at home, symbolizing that he has found what is most important to him. He continues on into ‘Apt 706’ where he expresses his love for a love interest, featuring one of New York’s up and coming R&B stars Eric Penn. 

From there the project flows into one of two singles Sækyi’s released over the passed year in ‘Kink’, where he dives into the feeling of lust over a guitar and snare drums. He follows this up with ‘Memories’ which also has the second and final feature on the project in Boris The Lucid. Boris delivers an ethereal feel to the record complementing Sækyi’s flow. The second to last record ‘Sunset Blvd’ is very calming, where an altered voice Sækyi’s sings. He ends the project with his standout single ‘Freefall’.

Listen to the project below now.