This weekend we had a chance to catch up with Trey Hill. Trey is a local skater from the Hampton Roads are creating major waves in the skate culture for the area we had a chance to talk to him about the skate culture in its present state, his personal skate life and more check out the Q & A below along with “Rookies”.

(TPP): Tell us some about yourself & your personal background ?

(TH) : I’m originally from Portsmouth, Virginia, now living in Norfolk. I’m 26 and I started skating when I was 13.

(TPP): What is your everyday 9-5 job being that you are a skater ?

(TH): I am fortunate enough to work in the skateboard industry. I run a small core skateboard shop called Skate Supply in the Greenbrier area of Chesapeake. We’ve been there 12 years now and I’ve been managing it for the last 5. I’m also the southeast sales rep for Sole Technology (Etnies, Emerica, éS, Altamont), Glassy Sunhaters, and Psockadelic Socks.

(TPP): What inspired you to create a short skate film ?

(TH): My inspiration comes from the skate community here in Hampton Roads. I wanted to showcase the talents of all the people that wanted to be involved with my projects. It’s just an honor that they’d want to be a part of something I’m doing.

12510448_1082671198418775_6143503042535644942_n.jpgPhoto Taken By: Korey Jackson

(TPP): What are your biggest inspirations in skating ?

(TH): My biggest inspirations in skateboarding are again, the people I get to be surrounded with. People who live, breathe, and think skateboarding like I do. The memories and good times are enough for me to keep rolling on my board.

(TPP): How do you feel about present day skate culture ?

(TH): Skateboarding is at its best and worst right now. When I started skating there were no social media outlets to showcase yourself or promote your brands. You had to wait months, sometimes years, for the latest skateboard video. Skateboarding is bigger than it ever has been, which is incredible, but it can be sensory overload at times with how much content is flooded into these media outlets, but there are more and more skateparks and people skateboarding around the world now which I think is amazing! There are some issues with finding brands worth supporting within skateboarding, but that’s a topic for another day.

(TPP): Do you skate for any brand or have you been offered to skate for anyone ?

(TH): I’m not sponsored. I rode for a couple local companies over the years. Fortunately, being able to work with Sole Technology and the other brands I’m affiliated with, as well as running Skate Supply, I have a ton of amazing people who look out for me and keep me rolling with product. Shout out to all the homies keeping me going!

12804719_1111913235494571_5359683265201990336_n.jpgPhoto Taken By: Mitchell Bonadies

(TPP): What is the reasoning for the title of your short film ?

(TH):  The title for this project was really hard for me to come up with. I didn’t have any sort of name ideas until a couple weeks ago. My homie Ali actually uses the term “rookies” a bunch in everyday conversation, and I asked him to help me think of a name for the video and that was the first thing he said, and it stuck. Thanks, Ali!

(TPP): How did you choose the skaters that are in the film ?

(TH): The skaters in this video are pretty much my go-to skateboard friends. The guys who I skate with the most nowadays. Mostly the Skate Supply team riders, and any other friends that were down to come out with us when we would take trips or have night sessions. I’m not biased on who I skateboard with. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join in on a session with us. That’s what skateboarding is all about.

1914954_1073992642619964_7750996405541860826_n.jpgPhoto Taken By: Korey Jackson

(TPP): What can we expect in the future from yourself ?

(TH): I’m hoping the future will be an exciting one. I’m looking forward to doing a lot of things with Skate Supply and the brands I work with. You can definitely expect more video projects and things of that nature. I’m just going to keep having fun on my board and try to support the Hampton Roads skateboard community the best I can. I appreciate all of the love and support the community has shown for myself, and for skateboarding. Thanks everyone!


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