Reebok Grabs Kyle Ng’s Brain Dead to Reimagine the Classic “Shaqnosis” Sneaker

Reebok reached out to Kyle Ng’s Brain Dead to reimagine the classic Shaqnosis sneaker. According to a press release by Reebok the shoe is described as a “look deep into the mystical realm of creativity.” The new sneaker stays true to the quirky designing of Kyle Ng for Brain Dead as we see the classic Shaqnosis employ several textures and colors on the hypnotizing silhouette. Brain Dead’s signature fuzzy felt material is added to the upper, while shaggy shoe laces and vibrant tones are exposed on the perimeters along with mesh tongues featuring Reeboks embroidered patches, and a finish of Brain Dead’s head logo on the heal. The sneaker releases via the Brain Dead website on November 29 and via Reebok on December 1 for $165 USD.

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