Record Breaking Radio Wave Picked Up 9 Billion Light Years Away

Recently, cosmologists received a radio signal from 9 billion light years away from Earth. The signal could give scientists a better idea of what the universe was like in its infancy, which is when the universe was about 4.9 billion years old. Canadian and Indian researchers named captured the signal from a galaxy named ‘SDSSJ0826+5630’ with assistance from the giant telescope in India.

Cosmologist Arnab Chakraborty said, “Until now, it’s only been possible to capture this particular signal from a galaxy nearby, limiting our knowledge to those galaxies closer to Earth.” Scientists say that the giant telescope picked up a faint signal due to a naturally occurring phenomenon called gravitational lensing. It is also confirmed that the signal that was received was not from ‘aliens’, but the natural signals that a galaxy emits.

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