Quavo Speaks On Experience Filming, “Wash Me In The River”

The upcoming film, Wash Me In The River, directed by Randall Emmett, features big names such as Quavo, Robert De Niro, Jack Huston, and John Malkovich.

The film supposedly observes a recovering opioid user who is pursuing revenge upon the dealers responsible for dealing the drugs that lead to the passing of his fiancé.

In an interview Quavo speaks on his experience, explaining, “I’m a ruthless gangster, ruthless killer named Coyote, It’s just an honour to be on the screen with Robert De Niro, Jack Huston and John Malkovich. I’m just blessed and I can’t wait for y’all to see it.”

Quavo also conveys his enthusiasm for the film’s release, stating “I honestly think this movie is going to be one of the greatest to come of this time. The experience was unbelievable for me with Robert Deniro and Jack Huston being so down to earth and making me feel like family. Gonna see me doing some stunts and a lot of what you hear from me in my raps! This is one of my biggest debuts I’ve ever had and so proud of what we did and to get to work with Randall who’s such an amazing guy— I can’t wait to do more films with him.”

A release date has yet to be announced.