Pusha T Taps Jay-Z For New Pharrell-Produced Track “Neck & Wrist”

It’s no doubt that 2022 has served as a momentous year thus far for Pusha T and only seems to be getting better after he released “Neck & Wrist,” early Wednesday morning. The new record is a Pharrell-produced banger featuring Jay-Z which Pusha described as “God level rap for dummies” via Twitter. “Neck & Wrist” comes on the heels of Pusha’s “I Know Nigo” record “Hear Me Clearly” and his lead single “Diet Coke.” In their first link-up since 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous,” Push continues the streak of witty bars about drugs and having a taste level that most can only imagine with rhymes like “Summertime, Winterfell, I’m the Night King The Colgate kilo, the hood needs whitening” and “Your eco-friendly jewelers, you keep recycling Cartier bustdowns just not my thing,” while Hov’s verse serves as an opportunity for the legendary MC to provide some straightening to the fallacy that he wouldn’t be where he is if The Notorious B.I.G didn’t pass away at an early age along with addressing the comments actor Faizon Love made in a 2016 VladTV interview claiming Hov was not a “Drug Kingpin.” In the new song addressing both of those topics Hov raps “The phase I’m on, love, I wouldn’t believe it either I’d be like, ‘JAY-Z’s a cheater,’ I wouldn’t listen to reason either All I know is he’s a felon, how is he sellin?” continuing “They like, If BIG was alive, Hov wouldn’t be in his position If BIG had survived, y’all would have got The Commission Hov was gon’ always be Hov It ’twas the universe will ’cause Allah said so, and now I’m here.” Take a listen to the new record below and be on the lookout for Pusha T’s new album rumored to be titled “It’s Almost Dry”.

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