Pusha T Releases “Call My Bluff” Visual

Pusha T has released the visual for “Call My Bluff” from his latest album “It’s Almost Dry”. The video starts with a first-person view of a car driving at night and then pans to a gentleman tied up, bloodied, crawling on his elbows frantically. As two men jump out of the car, the video then pans to Push eating dinner amongst a group of people. Push is also seen eating a medium-well steak while sitting in a plastic-wrapped room.

In other scenes, Pusha T is riding in the backseat, being driven around by two gentlemen who seem to be the ones who handle all the dirty work. Just like the beat and lyrics of the song, the visual gives off an iniquitous and evil tone with the lighting, scenery, and acting from Push that captures some of that “Joker” energy that inspired him while making the album.

Watch the visual for “Call My Bluff” below now:

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