Philadelphia Eagles Boston Scott Becomes First Pro Athlete To Sign An Esports Deal

Philadelphia Eagles RB Boston Scott has done something that no other athlete has done. Scott has signed an Esports deal with Dignitas, making him the first to-sport athlete in the NFL and Esports. Scott will join their Rocket League team and has won two of the last three Rocket League championships and six overall.

Scott isn’t just a regular player in Rocket League, he ranks in the top 0.52% in the world in the game.

When asked about his unique deal, Scott said,

“Gaming has always been a part of my life. It had an impact on me since I was young that has made it bigger than just a hobby that I enjoy.”

Scott now joins Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson as the only other athletes to go pro in another sport.

Do you think we will see more professional athletes join Esports teams if given the oppurtunity?