Pharrell Launches Non-Profit Initiative ‘Black Ambition’

As if the multi-hyphenate Pharrell hasn’t been busy enough this year with the launch of the Netflix series Voices Of Fire, continuous clothing releases, and most recently the launch of his skincare line ‘Human Race,’ the Virginia Beach native just announced one of the more important endeavors he’s ever pursued in his decorated career as an entertainer, a new non-profit initiative ‘Black Ambition’. The new initiative aims to support Black and Latinx entrepreneurs working on launching startups in various fields such as tech, consumer product, tech, healthcare, and services. In a press release, Pharrell said “we need a voice because we don’t have enough of the market share our kids end up having issues with disproportionate access to health care disproportionate access to education. And as a culture, we have disproportionate access as it pertains to legislation and representation.” With the support of other companies such as Adidas, Chanel, and designer Virgil Abloh who created the Black Ambition logo, The initiative hopes to generate a “pipeline of talented entrepreneurs and close the opportunity and wealth gaps,” and it’s doing this by offering a Black Ambition HBCU Prize. Alumni or students currently enrolled who identify as Black, African, African American, Hispanic or Latinx will have a chance to make a pitch for their companies. The selected company will receive a prize of $1M USD, while nine other close contenders will be given smaller funds.

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