Palace and Stella Artois Announce Second Collaboration

Earlier today, Palace and Stella Artois announced their second collaboration of the year. The brands’ drop will include both apparel items and bar accessories that pay tribute to the British pub scene. 

According to the lookbook, apparel items include T-Shirts, hoodies, caps, and a striking jacket stamped with their collab logo that features either “New York” or “London”. The bar accessory items include a Winter Stellar tote bag, essential barware, neon signs, mirrors, coasters and more. The brands topped off their drop by including special-edition Stella cans that will release in select 7 Elevens in the USA and in certain locations in the UK.

In celebration of the launch, Palace will put on a pub takeover event scheduled to last just a matter of days in both London and New York. The event in London will run from August 24th until August 27th at the Blue Posts; and in New York, the event will happen on August 25th and August 26th at the Vig Bag. 

The second Palace Artois collection will release through the Palace web store on August 27th and will be available in its London, New York, and L.A. locations on the same day.