If you’ve been around Norfolk, more specifically the Arts District it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Jelisa who goes by DJ Froxstarr, Dot better known as Fakeuzumi, and Opal. Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the #wegold collective and talk music. Work Release, Toast, and the Parlor are just a few of the locations you may have caught the trio performing at. Check out the interview below:

(TPP): How old are you all?

(J): 23

(D): 23

(O): 206 in my head, not dying anytime soon.

(TPP): What attracted you to Norfolk Arts District?

(J): The arts district is something we all created overtime. We’re a collective of creative with nowhere or way to express ourselves in an area that’s so dry but full of life. That’s changed, and has all been set in motion by our darling parientes Charlie & CaryAnne.

(D): To be honest I started coming to the art district because of RBLE, they had a hand in a lot of the cool events. From there I started connecting with people and experiencing things I didn’t know existed in downtown.

(O): Some mysterious magnetic force.

(TPP): What are you inspirations?

(J): My inspirations are everything around me. God, the illest creator of all time.

(D): I’m insprired by life and the waves that come with it. And also by seeing people from the area prosper.

(O): Life.

(TPP): Tell me about the whole #wegold movement?

(J): Those are my best friends, our chemistry is immaculate and things really just happened. Nothing planned. We vibe well together.

(O): It’s golden.

(TPP): So Jelisa, where did the name DJ Froxstarr come from?

(J): The name DJ Froxstarr came from my homie Malle. I had a fro/box haircut at the time and we always played Grand Theft Auto. Rockstarrrr games. Hence Froxstarr. The nickname just stuck.

(TPP): How long have you been a dj?

(J): Once Gabe Niles taught me how to actually use the equipment, I took off with it and it became my newest favorite toy.

(TPP): Your enthusiasm when you dj brings the crowd to life how do you feel about that?

(J): I love that, that’s what gives me life. My Trinidadian background is the best part of myself I’ve been discovering lately, so I try to bring that energy to the states. I’m just being myself.

(TPP): The ‘For the Greater Good’ mix has a great buzz. Why do you think that is?

(J): I think it has a buzz because that mix in particular featured a lot of popular music. I’m still very indie and my musical style is very mixed. That doesn’t even reflect my best work.

(TPP): You also like to paint, when did you start that? And what inspires you with it?

I started painting in 2010, my friend Chanel introduced me to it. Basquiat and Andy Warhol inspire me, I’m like a mixture of both of them. I’m like a spiffy hippie. Black and white. Positive and negative. Effortlessly versatile.

(TPP): What are your future plans as a dj and as an artist?

(J): Continue what I’m doing now, stay sharp and productive and dive deep into all the great opportunities that are halo-ing my afro ;D

(TPP): Dot, a lot of people including else enjoy NightLife, can you explain how it came about?

(D): We were supposed to only have it online for 24 hours. But people loved it so much we had to keep it on souncloud.

It happened at my crib. I was making the beat while Free Diesel and Opal were around. Opal started creating melodies for the track without real words “like gibberish”. Diesel recorded the whole thing all the way through 1 time. Ended up chipping some parts out and that’s how NightLife was made. Diesel is a beast of an engineer.

(TPP): That’s awesome, can you tell us about your SpaceWav ’33 mix and your inspirations for the project?

(D): SpaceWav ’33 was more of a social experiment. It was my first time releasing a project with all remixes. I’m a fan of deep house much and dreamy trap music. Decided to put them together along with a few of my favorite songs.

I called that genre the SpaceWav. Which basica;lly became the title of the project. ’33 is the year I set in. Everything I do is based in the future.

(TPP): Opal, how long have you been doing music?

(O): Ever since I got my first MacBook. It was my deepest secret until 8 months ago.

(TPP): How would you describe your style and sound?

(O): Opal… the mineraloid.

(TPP): Is there a reasoning behind performing music that you havent’t released to be viral yet?

(O): Yes (with a smile).

(TPP): Is there anything for people to expect to be released soon?

(O): An amalgamation of lyrical chords.

Check out Fakeuzumi’s soundcloud here and DJ Froxstarr’s here!

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How is Gucci still releasing music? The world may never know. Gucci’s latest installment Peepin is a hard hitting trap song to say the least. It’s so trap that it even sounds like it may have been recorded in a jail cell. The track also features Atlanta’s rising stars Playboi Carti and 21 savage who both deliver memorial verses. Take a listen to Gucci Mane’s latest track below. Gucci still runs the A….. Thanks for reading

Two Chainz has really mastered the craft of making perfect turn up anthems. A more subtle track for the Atlanta based artist Watch Out is still the epitome of 2 Chainz sound. The chorus is “Watch out lil bitch” for christs sake. Produced by FKI, the minimalistic instrumental  completely waltzes over Chainz with no regard, but that’s expected: it’s 2 Chainz. Take a listen to 2 Chainz latest offering below and be on the look out for TrapAvelli Tre, which is to be released August 13.

Pocket full of money kind of hard to keep my pants up.

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Today the visual for the hit “White Iverson” was unveiled. It is undoubtedly one of the hottest songs of the year from one of the most unknown artist named Post Malone. To this day I still have people coming up to me singing “sauuucccin I’m saauuucccin on you” then asking the question “who sings that ?” or “have you heard that song called sauce ?” and I immediately want to ask them “are you from earth ?” because if you care anything about music you should know who Post Malone is and definitely know that the song is titled “White Iverson”.  The video consists  of Post Malone in a desert in his home state of Texas while his white Rolls Royce does donuts and kicks up sand. This visual simply drips sauce check it out in the link below.

About four days ago Drake released his rendition of Ram Riddlz: Sweeter Man entitled Dick-a-Ting remix. Drakes version is pretty good but it didn’t quite capture the utter swag of Riddlz’s original. The flamboyant original just oozes sauce. The visual is what takes the song to the next level. Ram Riddlz, Toronto native takes viewers through his daily escapades in which he woos women into sleeping with him with very subtle pick up lines. The visual depicts a legend in action. Attached below are both artist renditions of Sweeter Man.

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Father of Awful Records has something to say. Please stop wearing, stop making, stop copping fake Versace! The Atlanta has released a visual for his latest song: Please Stop Wearing Fake Versace. The light hearted visual which feature both Ian Connor and Playboi Carti depicts the start of an epic night. Take a look at Father’s latest visual, and just don’t wear fake stuff. It just looks bad on your part(lol).

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This past week has been a big one for Future as he was featured in one visual released two visuals himself and also made the big announcement of the release date for his new album. Monday the visual for “Jump Out The Face” a single featuring Future off of Meeks latest album Dreams Worth More Than Money. This video consist of producer Metro Boomin,  Meek Mill and Future all being on the radar of the “feds” as the camera cuts through various scenes of them whipping up drugs and just simply flashing money along side their homies from DreamChasers and Freebandz. Thursday he released the visual for “Real Sisters” a single of his upcoming album Dirty Sprite 2. During the video presented by street clothing line Rocksmith as usual there were drugs involved and Future seems to be making business deals with his “plug” (a source from which to score drugs). Accompanied by two sisters Future then robs his plug and gets away with everything as he always brags about throughout his catalog of music. That same day Future tweeted “I think the world ready for me to drop my album” and announced the release of Dirty Sprite 2 on July 17. The 18 song sequel album to his 2011 mixtape is now available for preview and also pre-order on iTunes right now. This morning Future took the rap world by storm again releasing the visual for “Blow A Bag” a single off of Dirty Sprite 2. Throughout the duration of the video Future is scene once again flashing money and “dabbing” (new dance) in his Bape & Alife collaboration hoodie and Off White denim beside his all white Rolls Royce. The video also sees special guest appearances by French Montana, Mike Will Made-It and Metro Boomin. Check out all the visuals below.

p.s. thank urbandictionary.com for the definition of “plug” (lol) -jm

So what do you get when you open the entire iTunes library, allow most major social platforms the ability to make playlist, and create a new interactive social media experience in which major artist can post some of their favorite tracks while also bridging the gap between them and fan? You get Apple’s latest venture: Apple Music. The interactive streaming services launched on June 30th gives the opportunity for its subscribers to have access to everything. In addition to having the entire iTunes library at your hands users have access to the new Beats 1 radio, are able to connect with their favorite artists, and thousands of different playlist by apple music editors and different curators. Apple music is a very cool concept and right now you can try it for free for 3 months. So go do that.

Service Cost after trial: $9.99/ a month (single) $14.99/ a month (family up to 6)


Mama called me on the phone and asked if I was still trapping. The egocentric Atlanta based artist iLoveMakonnen recently released a visual for track No Ma’am from his latest project Drink More Water 5. With the help of other Atlanta based artist Rome Fortune and recently incarcerated Rich The Kid the tandem produce a product that personifies the current Atlanta scene and a different way. Its still trap and a love it (lol). Watch the visual below.

No ma’am

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British Trio Yogi and Rap juggernaut Pusha T have teamed up and delivered. The very hard hitting sinister track entitled Burial was originally released last year, but has recently been made over by none other EDM star Skrillex. The finished product is explosively awesome, and now there’s a visual that adds even more energy to the already intense track. The visual follows a crew of unruly dancers terrorizing a seemingly quiet block. The visual also features cameos from both Pusha T and none other then Dennis Rodman (strangely enough). Take a look at Skrillex and Pusha T’s buckvisual below.

Pusha stay hot…..

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