On Sunday August 1st, 2015 marked the start of the 6th anniversary of Drake’s annual OVO fest in his hometown of Toronto Canada. The three day event had quite the ride for anyone attending the music festival. The first day consisted of a show put on by comedian Kevin Hart, the second featuring J. Cole and Big Sean and the last with Drake himself with special guest. Being in the current timeframe of the Drake and Meek Mill beef, there was bound to be shots fired there. It all started with Drake donning a “Free Meek Mill” shirt in the upcoming hours before the actual fest started at rehearsal, which can be seen in the video below.

Soon after that when Drake was set to actually perform, he started off by displaying a iPhone ‘charging up’ a nod to his recent diss track toward Mill “Charged up.” The rest after that was history as Drake proceeded to clown Meek Mill with a slideshow presentation of trolling memes relating to Mill, while performing “Back to Back. When the incident occurred, the Instagram and Twitter universe erupted into a frenzy of straight hysteria. A video of the slideshow and social media reactions are as follows:

But in light of the entire Drake and Meek Mill situation, OVO fest turned out to be an extravagant event, in which Drake including special guest that could make the concert a candidate for concert of the year. OVO fest included Drake of course, Skepta, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Kanye West, Future, Pharrell, and Travis Scott. Together they all lit the crowd with dazzling songs they released past and present. To conclude the set, Drake performed some of his biggest hits, including “The Motto”, “Started From the Bottom”, “10 bands”, and “know yourself”. Drake not forgetting the beef he is involved in once again set his sights on Meek Mill as he performed “Back to Back” for a second time and teased the crowd with a few verses from a third diss track called “3Peat”. Some videos and images from the fest can be viewed below.

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Also for all the sneaker heads out there, Drake also decided to showcase two new color ways of the next shoe in the OVO line up with this time being the OVO 8s to go along with his 10s and 12 set.

Overall, Drake hosted a fantastic event, that had a super positive reaction from the world. Entertaining is an understatement when describing the show. To sum up the show, it was basically super lit with Meek Mill taking another huge L in this stage of his music career. Mill would probably to host an event called Meek fest and out perform Drake in every aspect to try and mend his reputation. I would have loved to attend the event, but my pockets weren’t looking too right for the Lituation. Hopefully though there is a glimmer of hope for myself to attend next years OVO fest if the right moves are made. Thanks for taking the time to read the article, hope you enjoyed. Cheers!

The annual Lollapalooza festival in Chicago saw a strange turn of events Saturday while rapper Travi$ Scott was performing. During his sets Travi$ Scott as usual if you don’t know calls for “Rage” from the crowd meaning lose your mind and go crazy to his songs. Saturday during Scotts performance a fan jumped over the barricade and as the security was trying to escort him away Scott told them “don’t f***ing touch him” then urged more of the crowd to come and jump the barricade yelling “more more more”. Lollapalooza security was not ok with this seeing that is unsafe for the fans and performer so shortly into his performance it was shut down and Scott walked off the stage then  shortly there after was arrested by Chicago Police Department. According to reports from the police he will be charged with disorderly conduct. Check out some footage from performance below.


In the latest news of the ongoing fiasco between Drake and Meek Mill, last night Mill retaliated against Drake with the dropping of his diss track named “Wanna Know.” The new track produced by Jahlil Beats and Swizz Beatz samples WWE wrestler The Undertaker’s famous intro theme song called ‘The Darker Side / Graveyard Symphony.’  The song also incorporates one of Quentin Miller’s reference tracks for Drake’s ‘Runnin’ through the 6 with my woes.’ Coming from an un-bias view, overall in my opinion, just to be blunt about it Meek Mill got bodied and just took an L. Although the track itself alone would have been something nice to listen too, when compared to the diss tracks that Drake dropped against Mill, he would have been better off not responding at all. For a person of Meek Mill’s caliber this definitely did not showcase his full potential.  If you haven’t heard the track yourself, take a few minutes to listen in the sound cloud link provided below. Feel free to comment on how you felt on the song. Cheers!

Assuming that Drake took the time to listen to the track, this was his response posted shortly after Meek Mill uploaded the track on sound cloud. I would have to agree with Drake’s response until further notice.

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After releasing three new songs Hotline Bling, Right Now and Charged Up which was believed to be the sole response track to Meek Mill and his twitter rant about Drake not writing his own lyrics. However the 6 God aims at Meek once again with his latest “Back To Back Freestyle” where he has quotable diss bars such as “This for yall that think I don’t write enough / They just mad ’cause I got the Midas touch.” He continues ripping Meek who is opening for Nicki Minaj on her “Pinkprint Tour” by saying “You love her then you gotta get a world tour / Is that a world tour or your girl’s tour? / I know that you gotta be a thug for her / This ain’t what she meant when she told you to open up more.” Drake continues with the insults and just blatant disrespect as he goes on to say  “Trigger fingers turn to Twitter fingers / You getting bodied by a singing ni**a.” It was expected that Meek would be releasing a response to Drake immediately sometime this week so Drake once again rips Meek and says “I did another one, I did another one / You still ain’t did shit about the other one / Got the drink in me going back to back.” In closing Drake also had something to say about his Sixth Annual OVO fest coming up “I got the Fest in five days and it’s my shit / Soon as a ni**a hit the stage they gon’ ask if I can play this shit back to back.” Check out the song for yourself below.

Seoul Korea’s very own Keith Ape took the world by storm seven months ago with the release of It G Ma. Initially the song got a lot of flack for sounding a lot like Og Maco’s B***** You Guessed It, but now it’s July and Keith Ape has a noteworthy remix and Og Maco is washed starting twitter beefs with anyone who gives him the attention. My, how times have changed in the last seven months. The remix is a calculated effort that connected Seoul to America perfectly. The co-contributers include Waka Flocka (vote Waka for president), Asap Ferg, Father, and Dumbfounded. Directed by Shomi Patwary (also directed Asap Rocky’s Multiply) the visual merely depicts a drugged out trance with a slew of animations which coincided perfectly with the overall theme (LOL). Take a look at Keith Apes latest visual below.

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This past weekend, rap juggernaut Drake released three brand new song via his Beats 1: OVO Sound radio show. The three songs split fan bases, quiet a garrulous rapper, made a so and so DJ look completely fraudulent, and  spawn the debate of how “Charged Up” the rap icon is really is. Drake is killing it right now and is really in a groove musically (maybe not personally ex. Mia Khalifa); these songs are great. Hotline is a track that takes elements from VA’s own D.R.A.M’s Cha Cha, but Drake adds a new flair and makes it a whole different track. Right Hand is a hard hitting DJ Mustard-esque track and is arguably the most memorable out of the trio due to its quotable lyrics. Lastly, Charged Up is a track aimed at Meek Mill’s ghost-writing allegations, and is the most talked about song out of the trio. Take a listen to OVO’s latest installments below. Also tune into OVO Radio on Apple Music.

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If you’ve been around Norfolk, more specifically the Arts District it’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Jelisa who goes by DJ Froxstarr, Dot better known as Fakeuzumi, and Opal. Last week we had the opportunity to sit down with some of the #wegold collective and talk music. Work Release, Toast, and the Parlor are just a few of the locations you may have caught the trio performing at. Check out the interview below:

(TPP): How old are you all?

(J): 23

(D): 23

(O): 206 in my head, not dying anytime soon.

(TPP): What attracted you to Norfolk Arts District?

(J): The arts district is something we all created overtime. We’re a collective of creative with nowhere or way to express ourselves in an area that’s so dry but full of life. That’s changed, and has all been set in motion by our darling parientes Charlie & CaryAnne.

(D): To be honest I started coming to the art district because of RBLE, they had a hand in a lot of the cool events. From there I started connecting with people and experiencing things I didn’t know existed in downtown.

(O): Some mysterious magnetic force.

(TPP): What are you inspirations?

(J): My inspirations are everything around me. God, the illest creator of all time.

(D): I’m insprired by life and the waves that come with it. And also by seeing people from the area prosper.

(O): Life.

(TPP): Tell me about the whole #wegold movement?

(J): Those are my best friends, our chemistry is immaculate and things really just happened. Nothing planned. We vibe well together.

(O): It’s golden.

(TPP): So Jelisa, where did the name DJ Froxstarr come from?

(J): The name DJ Froxstarr came from my homie Malle. I had a fro/box haircut at the time and we always played Grand Theft Auto. Rockstarrrr games. Hence Froxstarr. The nickname just stuck.

(TPP): How long have you been a dj?

(J): Once Gabe Niles taught me how to actually use the equipment, I took off with it and it became my newest favorite toy.

(TPP): Your enthusiasm when you dj brings the crowd to life how do you feel about that?

(J): I love that, that’s what gives me life. My Trinidadian background is the best part of myself I’ve been discovering lately, so I try to bring that energy to the states. I’m just being myself.

(TPP): The ‘For the Greater Good’ mix has a great buzz. Why do you think that is?

(J): I think it has a buzz because that mix in particular featured a lot of popular music. I’m still very indie and my musical style is very mixed. That doesn’t even reflect my best work.

(TPP): You also like to paint, when did you start that? And what inspires you with it?

I started painting in 2010, my friend Chanel introduced me to it. Basquiat and Andy Warhol inspire me, I’m like a mixture of both of them. I’m like a spiffy hippie. Black and white. Positive and negative. Effortlessly versatile.

(TPP): What are your future plans as a dj and as an artist?

(J): Continue what I’m doing now, stay sharp and productive and dive deep into all the great opportunities that are halo-ing my afro ;D

(TPP): Dot, a lot of people including else enjoy NightLife, can you explain how it came about?

(D): We were supposed to only have it online for 24 hours. But people loved it so much we had to keep it on souncloud.

It happened at my crib. I was making the beat while Free Diesel and Opal were around. Opal started creating melodies for the track without real words “like gibberish”. Diesel recorded the whole thing all the way through 1 time. Ended up chipping some parts out and that’s how NightLife was made. Diesel is a beast of an engineer.

(TPP): That’s awesome, can you tell us about your SpaceWav ’33 mix and your inspirations for the project?

(D): SpaceWav ’33 was more of a social experiment. It was my first time releasing a project with all remixes. I’m a fan of deep house much and dreamy trap music. Decided to put them together along with a few of my favorite songs.

I called that genre the SpaceWav. Which basica;lly became the title of the project. ’33 is the year I set in. Everything I do is based in the future.

(TPP): Opal, how long have you been doing music?

(O): Ever since I got my first MacBook. It was my deepest secret until 8 months ago.

(TPP): How would you describe your style and sound?

(O): Opal… the mineraloid.

(TPP): Is there a reasoning behind performing music that you havent’t released to be viral yet?

(O): Yes (with a smile).

(TPP): Is there anything for people to expect to be released soon?

(O): An amalgamation of lyrical chords.

Check out Fakeuzumi’s soundcloud here and DJ Froxstarr’s here!

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How is Gucci still releasing music? The world may never know. Gucci’s latest installment Peepin is a hard hitting trap song to say the least. It’s so trap that it even sounds like it may have been recorded in a jail cell. The track also features Atlanta’s rising stars Playboi Carti and 21 savage who both deliver memorial verses. Take a listen to Gucci Mane’s latest track below. Gucci still runs the A….. Thanks for reading

Two Chainz has really mastered the craft of making perfect turn up anthems. A more subtle track for the Atlanta based artist Watch Out is still the epitome of 2 Chainz sound. The chorus is “Watch out lil bitch” for christs sake. Produced by FKI, the minimalistic instrumental  completely waltzes over Chainz with no regard, but that’s expected: it’s 2 Chainz. Take a listen to 2 Chainz latest offering below and be on the look out for TrapAvelli Tre, which is to be released August 13.

Pocket full of money kind of hard to keep my pants up.

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Today the visual for the hit “White Iverson” was unveiled. It is undoubtedly one of the hottest songs of the year from one of the most unknown artist named Post Malone. To this day I still have people coming up to me singing “sauuucccin I’m saauuucccin on you” then asking the question “who sings that ?” or “have you heard that song called sauce ?” and I immediately want to ask them “are you from earth ?” because if you care anything about music you should know who Post Malone is and definitely know that the song is titled “White Iverson”.  The video consists  of Post Malone in a desert in his home state of Texas while his white Rolls Royce does donuts and kicks up sand. This visual simply drips sauce check it out in the link below.