Saturday the G.O.A.T took to the stage once again for his ‘B-Sides’ concert. Tidal users were blessed by being offered the opportunity to attend the concert live or watch it streamed on Jay-Z came out with his all black ROCnation hat and classic wheat timberlands and for nearly two hours straight set the stage on fire !!!. He performed his usual classic hits such as Jigga My Ni**a, Hovi Baby and P.S.A but what was unique about this show is that the majority of the songs Hov performed were the more “B” list songs on his albums such as Friend or Foe, Blueprint (Momma Loves Me) and Dead Presidents (Part 1). He also had a 90 second freestyle where he spoke on Freddie Gray, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and in classic Jay-Z fashion he blasted Spotify and YouTube (lol). The show also saw a few guest come out and perform such as Jay Electronica, Young Jeezy and to everyones surprise the reuniting of State Property and Jay-Z on stage. Overall I must say that this show was one of the better I have seen thus far in 2015. As if it couldn’t get any better Hov also announced that there will be a ‘B-Sides part2’ soon !


As if Drake doesn’t do enough already with previously acting, rapping, singing, OVO merchandising and taking celebrities women during the rest of his “free time” (lol). Fresh off his surprise release of the Air Jordan 10 “OVO” at his West Coast pop up shop in Los Angeles last month, Drake is at it again. Today it was revealed that the Toronto Rappers whom Drake is the Global Ambassador for will not only be “rocking” new redesigned  uniforms next year but one of them will be called “Drake”. Yes, the uniform is an alternate, and it obviously consist of the classic black & gold “OVO” colors. Drake is definitely heating up right now with the world also still patiently waiting on “Views From The 6”.

p.s. the “OVO” Jordan 10 resell was upwards of $14,000 on Ebay



I’ve been following TM88 since he was killing it while with 808 mafia. The 808 collective has recently dissolved, but TM88 has been releasing some fire in-lieu of the break up. TM and his Sacii collective recently release Sacii Lyfe a mixtape full of quotable trap lyrics over hard hitting instrumentals. The tapes worth a play (lol). But the crowning song in my opinion is Movin Slow. I’ve literally been playing this song nonstop for the last two weeks, and consequently I have been remixing people for the last two weeks due to my obsession (sorry). This song is so catchy and is the perfect turnup song for the summer. Please watch and get loss in a lean high.

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First you get that money then you get that power. In Power, Young Thug says Young Thugs thing over a heavy beat as to be excepted, and to be expected the song is FIRE. The dude literally waltzes with his diamonds boolin all over this instrumental.Why this dude is thrashing shit on so many different levels? Why does this song have so many quotable’s? Why are people still getting mad about Instagram? And as always where is papi?

If I have legs imma go and get it….

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First, Vince Staples is absolutely awesome and in Señorita he displayed every reason why I personally put Vince Staple in the YOUNG GREAT category. The dude absolutely rips this shit and the song has a freaking Future cosign. A FUTURE COSIGN. In short, I really like this song. The song is set to be on Staples debut album Summertime ’06. Even though I really really like the song the video is what takes this song the next level. Staple’s chooses to depict a ghetto war zone consisting of all of what a Los Angles hood has to offer( gangs, guns, violence, sex, and prostitution) being shot at by un-shown entity. ( future’s ad-lib’s were FIRE). But the twist to this picture is with all this violence happening a family was watching the acts as entertainment. Even though it was a lot to take in the concept was rad. Staples won with this joyride!! Do me a favor and watch this one, but watch it when you have nothing to do ,due to having to watch it a couple of times to catch everything.

Been servin that ether before I did features……

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Kanye West was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago today. West who is the self-proclaimed and world renown “College Dropout” reached something that is an achievement for anyone, especially someone in the limelight such as himself being known for his outlandish acts or “rants” in recent years. If you ask me there is a very long list of accomplishments Kanye has whether it be his 21 grammys or being named one of Time Magazines 100 most influential people just to name a few, Earning this has to be amongst the top of the list.


What is the epitome of summer? For me its turning heads in A fresh pair of whites.  There’s something about first putting on a pair of new white sneakers: something majestic, something cool. This summer my white sneaker of choice will be the Air Max 90. The Air Max 90 is an iconic sneaker and looks good with just about anything. Not to mention they are pretty cool!!!

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Can Post Malone make a bad song? Is Post Malone my favorite rapper? Is he is the reason why I poured Moët in that hot tub last weekend? I ask my self all these questions at least three times a day. But back to the first question: Can Post Malone make a bad song? I don’t think so. He has three undisputed hits in my mind: White Iverson (song of 2015), That’s It, and his latest installment Too Young. The dude can’t miss. I don’t care if he’s just a gimmick or is here to stay; I fucks with this guy. And yea he’s my favorite rapper.


With birdmans on my feet no one can break my stride….

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